We love Bae Doo-na; how 'bout you? by Kevin B. Lee and Michael Kerpan Kevin's note from 2008:  Michael Kerpan  informs me that the 2006 article he and I had hocked unsuccessfully around the film magazine circuit before finding a home at  Subway Cinema  is no longer on Subway's site. So I'm re-adopting it here for anyone's enjoyment This article dates from before the release of  The Host  (which didn't offer the big breakthrough role we were hoping it would for lovely Doo-na, but was a thrilling movie all the same). Michael can probably fill us in on our lady's career since then (I haven't seen or heard anything in the past year)... My note from now:  I can't find this on Kevin's archived site any longer.  So, I'm posting it here, to preserve in the event of a hard drive crash.  We were proud of this at the time -- even if it is now quite out of date. “ Like a rat I want to be beautiful Because there is a beauty that cannot be photographed.”

Facebook Photo "Table of Contents"

Since I have so many photo albums on Facebook, it takes me forever to scroll down to older albums. So I decided to make a list.  Not sure that anyone else will ever be interested, but I hope _I_ will find it useful. Facebook Photo Albums Japan (February 2009): Graduation, June 2009: Miscellany (2010-2011): Lowell Folk Festival, July 2010: Halloween in Roslindale, 2010: January 2011 Blizzard: Sacred Heart Church,